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From the Publisher's Desk
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are pleased to introduce to you the latest issue of Atlanta’s #1 Europa Magazine.

Our and your magazine is written by an international staff and it is targeting Europeans living in America. It is also written for Americans to introduce diverse European countries with different ethnicities living in the United States.

As you can tell, Europa Magazine is a high quality publication, printed every month and distributed to major markets across the USA including Atlanta, St. Louis, Chicago, New York and other major cities.

Our mission, in addition to keeping our readers informed, is to entertain and provide an opportunity for local businesses to advertise. Its unique design and content serves what has been a largely untapped market. A free web site presentation is included with your ad at

If you ever have a need to publish an article, announce an open position in your company, or present your new product or services to a large number of readers, we will be glad to talk to you.

Your opinion is always appreciated!


Esso Medic

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